Despite its tepid sound and the fact that it embraced every rock cliche in the book, Bon Jovi earned a massive following and churned out a seemingly never ending string of hits starting with "Runaway" in 1984. These stadium rockers are lucky they haven't gone blind with all the girls that have flashed their boobs over the years. Global superstardom came after the release of Slippery When Wet in 1986. Even though Jon Bon Jovi is as big of a douchebag as Bono, he had one of the better set of pipes during the hair band era.

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Hi Wendy – it was certainly very rowdy near the front on the right-hand side. I was standing near the back so I didn’t get pushed and shoved. As for the encore, it was technically an encore as the band went off stage after the Crimson Idol set and came back on again to do three more songs. If you compare the set-list for Hastings to the set-list for other locations on the Scandinavian leg of the tour they were getting 4-5 songs after the Crimson Idol set whereas we got just three in Hastings. I certainly would like to see the band again.

Intuition has several levels of urgency. The most important one is the feeling of true fear. True fear (not manufactured fear) is always in the presence of danger. The levels of intuition in order are: a nagging feeling, anxiety, doubt, hesitation, suspicion and at the top of the list is true fear. When you hit true fear…. HIT BACK…. literally.

Remember, the Ghoulies franchise wasn’t terribly mainstream. Profitable enough, sure, but I never would’ve expected those monsters to turn up in a legit band’s legit music video that was legitimately played on MTV.

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